From its origins in casino promotions and convivial greeters to service “best” casino clients, the gaming industry has seen development in marketing grow by leaps and bounds in a truly service gaming revolution over the last three decades.

Ricki Chavez-Munoz was at the start of the casino marketing effort at the Playboy Club in London and then left the industry to pursue a career in mainstream marketing in the toy trade. Upon his return to the industry in 1985, Ricki brought with him well-honed expertise in marketing, applying with success several programmes devised for markets in several countries.

Running the marketing team at a leading South Coast casino gave James Chavez a taste for all aspects of the marketing discipline, from design and advertising to promotions and communications. He has casino management experience in England and Peru and holds a British Gambling Commission casino manager’s licence.

Beginning a management career in Peru, Jess travelled to Russia, Turkey, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and lately as Casino General Manager at Hard Rock Punta Cana Hotel & Casino, in the Dominican Republic. After inventing revolutionary roulette game Roulette 123, Jess nowadays also runs his company Maximum Game Entertainment Limited to handle his roulette business venture in association with leading European technology company Zuum Gaming.

Market research, marketing strategy, customer service and customer loyalty, advertising strategy, sponsorship, SWOT analysis and branding are just some of the marketing tools successfully undertaken by the Greata team.


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